First Kaiwa Club of 2019 and Australia Day Parade

Happy New Year to everyone! 


Minasan Akemashite Omdeto Gozaimasu!

AJA-SA’s first Kaiwa club (conversation club) for 2019

is on Wednesday 16 January at Caffe Amore from 6pm.

Japanese Coming of Age Day

At this 16th of January Kaiwa Club meeting we are going to celebrate Japanese Coming of Age Day called “Seijin no Hi”(成人の日, (which officially happened in Japan on the 14th of January this year ).

In Japan, lots of new 20 year - old young people dress up and especially women wear beautiful Kimono on the day to attend ceremonies.

So we will celebrate at AJA in our own way, that is to wear Yukata and enjoy the conversation.

Putting Yukata on lesson for upcoming Australia Day Parade

For people who would like to join in the Australia Day Parade (details are below), some of our members will teach you how to wear Yukata by yourself, this lesson is also happening on the same day at the Kaiwa Club.

Australia Day Parade on Saturday 26 January

Please join us in the parade /Contact person Kyoko by email or facebook messenger, or text to Kyoko’s mobile 0418 893 748

Also go to our website and Facebook page for more details of the event.

Australia Day in the City of Adelaide

When: Saturday, 26 January, 2019

Time & Location:

Franklin Street near Victoria Square through King William St to Elder Park, Adelaide (AJA is officially starting at the location which is the same place as last year , approximately between Pitt and Bentham Street on Franklin street)

For AJA-SA parade participants and assembling times

3:30pm AJA present to help people wear Yukata for the parade participants from 3:30pm.

4:30 pm Official parade arrival and preparation time for participants

4:45pm Photos with the premier of SA & the Chairman of South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission

6:00pm Parade starts

6:25pm (approximately) Volley of shots from Muskets

6:30pm (approximately) Volley of shots from Muskets

6:35pm (approximately) Volley of shots from Muskets

7:00pm Last group of arrives at Elder Park

7:05pm Official Opening – Elder Park

Special Concert by The Veronicas & The Sundance Kids

It is a free concert and everyone welcome!

7:20pm RASF Fly-past (loud)

21 Gun Salute (very loud)

At the Elder Park, Many Food Stalls and Community stage performances

9:30pm Fireworks (loudest)

This year, the Adelaide Australia Day parade will officially be the biggest Australia Day Parade in Australia!

This year AJA-SA again will participate in the Australia Day Parade. Anyone is welcome to join us wearing Japanese traditional costume such as Yukata and Happi coat. Mr and Mrs Umehara have kindly offered us to use their Yukata so that people who do not have one, can borrow one to wear it on the day.

Borrowing Yukata from AJA for the Parade

Also people who wish to borrow Yukata or Happi coat from us, please come to Caffe Amore on the next Kaiwa Club on Wednesday 16 January, so they can collect the Yukata they will wear.

If you are interested in joining us for the parade please contact Kyoko, or if you cannot make the 16th of Januaray meeting to collect a Yukata and still wish to participate in the parade please contact Kyoko.

AJA of SA Face book page has more information and photos too

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