A Sparrow's Tale

Mr Umehara is probably Adelaide's one and only Kamishibai artist in action as he presents a heart warming story inspired by the great dream of a humble man.



About this Event

Kamishibai ("paper theatre") is a time-honoured Japanese theatrical art that gave rise to the modern pop culture phenomena of manga and anime. Originally a form of children's street entertainment threatened with extinction by the 20th century onslaught of TV and computer games, it is undergoing a revival in its homeland. Right here in Adelaide a folklore expert has made it his mission to develop kamishibai for cross-cultural audiences of all ages.

When and Where

Sunday 10 February from Sunday, 2019 from 11:30-12:30

St Andrew’s by the Sea Uniting Church

92 Jetty Road, Glenelg

Entrée fee

$5.00 will be used for Community Aid

(Free for under 12 years old)


『A Sparrow’s Tale』上演

三つの大きな紙芝居用特設舞台を使って、お客さんも巻き込んで楽しく物語が進んでいく大型紙芝居『A Sparrow’s Tale』を英語で上演します。劇中劇あり、音楽あり、しりとり(英語)あり、手旗信号あり、星座の勉強ありのインタラクティブ紙芝居です。


会場:St Andrew’s by the Sea Uniting Church

92 Jetty Road, Glenelg グレネルグ・ジェティーロードにあるステンドグラスの美しい礼拝堂 にて

入場料:大人5ドル(大人同伴12歳未満のお子さんは無料)は教会が行うチャリティー事業 Community Aidの基金にあてられます。

Story 物語のあらすじ

Arts by the Sea is proud to host Munetaka Umehara who will present a whimsical tale spun from the real-life adventures of a man who wished to sail around the world on his own vessel. This charming chronicle will be told from the unusual perspective of a little bird who first sees the man building a yacht in his backyard. With original handcrafted scenery and live music performed on traditional instruments, this unique recital contains many layers that will enchant viewers of all ages and offer an authentic glimpse into another culture across the seas.



ご予約は bit.ly/ArtsGlenelgへ。ご予約なしでも結構です。

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