One Minute Silent at Kaiwa Club on 20 March 2019 東日本大震災の犠牲者とクライストチャーチの銃乱射事件の被害者の方たちのための黙とう

At the last club on Wed, 20 Mar, before we started enjoying conversation, we had One Minute Silent in remembrance of the 2011 Japan's Tsunami, as well as other natural disasters in the world. Also we prayed for the victims of Christchurch shooting. 3月20日(水)の会話クラブでは、会話を楽しむ前に、2011年の東日本大震災や世界中で起きている様々な災害の犠牲者の方たちのため、そしてアデレードの姉妹都市であるクライストチャーチでの銃乱射事件の犠牲者の方たちのために祈らせていただきました。

Below :

On this day, at the usual table where normally AJA people sit, there were about 25 students from Toyo Uni Himeji Highschool were sitting and having dinner. So our members went to say hello to the students and had an friendly exchange English lesson happened. That was agood experience for both of us. We had a permission from the teacher to put these photos of the students.


Jim and Kyoko with the teachers and tour coordinator.

After the students left for their hotel, usual Kaiwa Club started and as always we had a wonderful time together.

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