2019 Burnside Japanese Cultural Day on Sat, 29 June バーンサイド・ジャパニーズ・カルチャルデー6月29日(土)

Burnside Japanese Cultural Day is held on Saturday, 29 June.  

バーンサイド・ジャパニーズ・カルチャルデー 6月29日(土)

This year's event will be exciting as last year! Please come along or helping us as a volunteer. Stage and event programs are not confirmed yet. However, we definitely need many volunteers for our kids activities and setting ups so on. We are going to notify you with the details soon. However, here we can share with you likely happening event ideas.


★Photos here are from last year's event:写真は去年のイベントから

What’s happening on the Cultural Day on Saturday, 29 June

We are anticipating to have as below:

Stalls open 11:00am

Stage starts 11:00am

Event finishes 3:00pm

●Stage Performances

Shamisen music,Ian-Do Martial Arts demonstration, Singing Enka songs, Singing Japanese Children’s songs, Japanese traditional dances, Japanese Drum

●Japanese Food Stalls

Japanese Obento, Sushi, Yakisoba, Japanese Mochi Cakes, Cakes and Breads, Popcorns and Cotton Candy, Japanse Soft Drinks

●Japanese Craft Stalls

Hand made cards, bags, crochet, Origami jewelry, Second hand Japanese Kimono and Kimono Accessories sale

●Second hand Japanese books sale

●Fun activities for kids and family

Origami, Calligraphy, Pokemon ear headband making,     Chopsticks fishing etc

●Japanese Kumihimo making demonstration

●Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstration and try real Macha tea

●Japanese Flower Arrangement display

●Japanese Community school children’s Art work display

★These photos are from last year's event 写真は去年のイベントから

Setting up JR Train system model and the effort was paid off by many audience' admiration. ボランティアと一緒に、JRモデルの展示の準備中。細かい作業も、たくさんの人たちが見てくれて努力のかいがありました










●日本語の古本販売 バーンサイドライブラリーのボランティアの皆さん





Volunteers needed for below:



Making Pokemon ear headband

Picking little things with Chopsticks Game

Yukata dressing

Reception and Information Desk

Observer at JR Railway Model Display

Selling Japanse Soft Drinks

Preparing and setting the venue on the day before and the day

If you can help us for setting up things on Friday 28 June, between 2-5pm, that will be very helpful.

Please arrive at 9:00am on Saturday, 29 June.

Lunch on the event day

Volunteers will be given some light lunch and drink from AJA

If you are interested in helping us, please email to AJA. Please give us your name, email address, mobile number.


Volunteers preparing and setting up the room for kid's activities

Once the event started, volunteers became very busy.

Activities for kids and families. Origami, Pokémon ears making, Chopsticks game, Writing your name with Japanese brush Calligraphy etc.


● 書道(習字でこちらの人たちの名前を書いてあげる)



● チョップスティックゲーム(お箸を使って小さい小物を拾うゲームを子供たちと一緒にやる)



● JRの鉄道模型展示場でのオブザーバー

● AJAでは日本のソフトドリンクを売ります。そのお手伝い。

● 前の日、当日のイベントの準備のお手伝い









In the meantime, enjoy the photos from last year's event.

Food and Craft stalls area was very popular and packed with people. Food stalls were mostly by Japanese people's home made sweets and sushi and obento and so on.

Mochi cakes look very Japanese and so delicious!

Japanese style puff cakes

Soft and fluffy yummy cakes look like as if we were in a Japanese cake shop.

People just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Beautiful hand made craft stall

Our guests Mr Adam Wynn ( Japanese Consul General in Adelaide) and Mr Matsunaga (in Ninja costume) is the funniest Japanese Consul General Melbourne. Mr Matsunaga is the funniest Consul General as we ever known.

Japanese Folk Dance

Audience loved and enjoyed watching many Japanese cultural performances. This little boy couldn't help dancing (^^♪

Wadaiko - Japanese Drum

Japanese folk music has many different styles, beautiful costumes and instruments.

Koto play

Shamisen play

Enka songs singing

Trying on Yukata is always very popular and volunteers are super busy.

Some of volunteers also wore Kimono and Yukata being very Japanese(^^♪


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