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It was already one month ago, on 6 of May.

Kyoko the president and Stuart the vice president visited Hospital School SA in Women's and Children's Hospital and donated some Japanese Calligraphy equipment such as calligraphy brushes, bottles of black ink and calligraphy paper plus Origami paper. The principal the school Mr. Matthew McCurry gave a Certificate of Appreciation to AJA.

It was a humble donation but we are very glad to be able to help Ms Noriko and her students who cannot attend local schools because of their health conditions.

Ms Noriko Fukunaga who is one of the teachers at the school wrote to AJA two months ago. She said that she has been teaching kids Japanese and when she introduced the kids how to use calligraphy brush, kids love it. It helps kids to concentrate and enjoy learning better. However, Noriko san has been using her daughter’s calligraphy brush for a long time, she needed better one. She couldn’t find any calligraphy brushes at some of the Japanese Nick Nack shop where normally being able to buy but because of COVID pandemic, those shops also had problem to get one.

AJA had about 10 brushes and we have been using them when we had Japanese Cultural event but because of the pandemic, we haven’t had any event so far. So are not using the equipment soon.

Our committee agreed to donate some of the gears to the Hospital School who really need them now.

So we gave them Big brushes 6 used brushes plus a new one,

Thepricipal, Mr.Matthew McCurry gaveus a Certificate of Appreciation and thephoto is on their FB Page.









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